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tokyo townscapes-photos and watercolor paintings

Administrater's Statement

Welcome to my home page.
I am a sunday artist who loves to draw and paint
as well as to take pictures of townscapes in Tokyo.
Having grown up in Tokyo and it's suburb,
graduaterd from a university in Tokyo and taken a job for an office in Tokyo,
I have lived, learned and worked there for almost all my life.
So I can't help loving the city and people living there.

I got a cancer in my mouth
and took a serious operation to get rid of it several years ago.
Since then, I have been unable to do hard exercises or to make Noh chorus
which had been my favorate hobby for a long time.
Although I lost these my old pleasures,
I found another pleasure to console myself.
To draw, to paint, to take pictures of Tokyo and people living there
which I can't help loving.


All Rights Reserved ©2005
Hiro Hix
Tokyo Pref.Japan
Contact me through E-mail

I'm afraid I've made many errors in usage of English.
If you find them, please tell me and correct them.

The contents will be added gradually.