Tokyo Dome

Tokyo Dome is the biggest baseball stadium in Japan. As baseball has long been the most favorite sport for Japanese people, innumerable people have gathered here every season to enjoy exciting games. Therefore the dome has become not only the mecca of baseball but one of the landmarks of Tokyo.

Baseball was introduced to Japan in early stages of Meiji era and rapidly widespread among young people, especially students.

The professional base ball league was founded in 1936 and a big ball park was built the following year in central Tokyo. The ball park was named Korakuen Stadium after the adjacent garden, Koishikawa Korakuen.

The Korakuen Stadium was rebuilt into the current Tokyo Dome in 1988. The dome is the home stadium of Yomiuri Giants, the most popular baseball team in Japan, and is attracting innumerable people today.

The dome is located nextdoor to JR Suisobashi station.

The rooftop of the dome is covered with transperent film
for the sunligjt to be let through.

There is the Hall of Fame for the base ball players
in a corner of the dome.

Tokyo Dome City Attractions, former name Korakuen Yuenchi,
has been the most popular amusement park in Tokyo.

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