Paddington Station….A major terminal station connecting London with western parts of England. The first train departed from here in 1838. The name of the station is famous to children all over the world through a comic hero, Paddington Bear.

On the fourth day we made a short trip to Oxford. We took a railway train from Paddington station. When Takaki was a little boy, I had shown him the picture book of Paddington Bear. He remembered it and felt glad to know that the bear was named after this station we were in at the time.

When walking in the station, I was spoken to by a chinaese girl. She spoke in Chinese. I said to her in English that I didn't understand the language. This time she asked me in English how to get to the Chinese town. I didn't know where the town was in London. But shortly after I said goodbye to her, I remembered that there were some Chinese restaurants around Leicester squre.

The place might be the town she was looking for.

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