Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi park is the biggest open space around central Tokyo. It has a vast area of 540,000 sqm spreading on the west of Harajuku station and has become a favorite spot for people to relax on the grass or picnic on weekend afternoons. The Meiji shrine, adjacent to the park, is located on the north of the park.

The area had been a training ground for the Japanese Imperial Army before the Pacific war ended. In 1910 Captain Tokugawa made the first flight in Japanese history on this ground.

The area served as the housing quarters for the US Occupation Forces following the war and the Olympic Village for the athletes during the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. It was opened to the public as a park in 1967.

The main gate is situated near Harajuku station.
Until recently, many homeless people gathered around here
setting blue tents or cupboard shacks on the ground.
Most of them have been accomodated into other places by the local authorities.

Getting through the gate, there spreads a vast field of grass.
Families and lovers enjoy walking and chatting on the grass.

There is a big pond with a fountain in the center of the park.

A wooden bridge over the pond.

Amateur cameramen hold their cameras to take pictures
of the beautiful scenery, especially colored leaves.

You can find a free market at a corner of the park on weekends.

The building of Yoyogi Olympic pool, designed by Kenzo Tange,
stands up high in the south of the park.

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