Nihonbashi Street

Nihonbashi, which literally means Japan bridge, was the starting point of Tokaido, the most important road connecting Edo with Kyoto and Osaka, in Tokugawa era. So the area around Nihombashi was the mercantile center in Edo.

There was located a big market next to the bridge on the north bank of Dosan-bori canal, called Nihombashi river today, through wich products from all over Japan were brought into Edo. Big merchants like Echigoya or Shirokiya opened their shops along the street.

Nowadays, Nihonbashi remains one of the most important business district in Tokyo. The bank of Japan and the Stock Exchange are located here, Mitsukoshi and Takashimaya, the oldest department stores in Japan, are located along the street.

Nihombashi bridge was constructed in 1911 over Nihombashi river.
It was made of stones and decorated solemnly. But in 1960's a highway was
constructed along the river covering the bridge.
Nowadays the view of the bridge is not so beautiful as in the old days.

The road origin marker set by the bridge side..(left)
All distances of roads in Japan are measureed from this point.
The right is the marker pole of Tokyo city authority

Mitsukoshi is the oldet and finest department store in Japan.
It is located north of the bridge.

Mutshukoshi(left) Mitsui's headquater(right)

Takashimaya is located south of the bridge

Woodcut prints by Hiroshige
The images of Nihombashi

Hiroshige painted the prosperity along the Nihombashi-tori street

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